Talib-e-Aman aims to propagate peace narratives amongst the student body in Pakistani universities. The program provisions an innovative solution to address the lack of positive socio-cultural and non-academic intellectually stimulating activities for university students on campuses, and in everyday life. Primary goal of Talib-e-Aman program is enriching student life and creating a vibrant and pluralistic student culture on university campuses.

Project Display and Panel Discussions

The finalized CVE-based media projects are developed to be screened screened/displayed live to the wider student bodies, university management, and social and community-based media experts. Student groups also share the journey and thought process behind their projects and how their collaboration with other media clubs adds value to their learning […]

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CVE-based Media Projects Development via Alumni Engagement

During the online training sessions, the participants are encouraged to conceive and plan their CVE-based media projects (articles, blogs, videos etc.) These groups are connected with previously established media clubs, who collaborate with them by sharing expertise, experience, and advice on the media projects. This provides students an opportunity for […]

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Media-based CVE training sessions

Online trainings conducted with each of the 08 batches in both universities using live video software, where participants virtually trained on digital tools pertaining to contemporary and non-contemporary media. Experienced practitioners from media engaged as trainer(s). The training comprise of digital storytelling and writing, Basic digital production and editing, and […]

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Media Clubs

The activity seeks to create media clubs/ student societies and through them engage students on the promotion of CVE values through media focused activities within two universities. The selected universities include the following: Karachi University (UoK) Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University (BBSU) Shah Abdul Latif University […]

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