Community of Practice

Establishing a community of practice helps promote networking and encourage them to share their experiences so that they would come together virtually to share challenges, problem solving skills and results. Social Media Platforms: We have established two networks to virtually connect peacebuilders and encourage robust discussions on WhatsApp and Facebook. The groups aid them in sharing […]

Peace Action Projects

Peace action projects (PAP) are community-level grassroot initiatives taken by peacebuilders across Pakistan to address the issues that are causing social divide within their communities. These initiatives comes in the form of awareness seminars, capacity building workshops and training, theatricals, sports events, painting exhibitions, digital campaigns, policymaking and advocacy, and much more. Peacebuilding requires conflict […]

Capacity Building Training

This training program aimed to employ the power and reach of new and digital media, combined with peacebuilding context, audience specific education, development, and networking to highlight and grow the influence and impact of peacebuilders in Pakistan. By supporting this uniquely situated group and building upon their powerful community voice and action, this training aimed […]

Program Launch

The campaign was designed with careful forethought, keeping social media trends and visibility in mind. We engaged in deliberation on the campaign material to ensure that the importance and scope of the program remained visible through each element.   The team made sure to include information material in its campaign, including posters, videos, gifs, and infographics.   […]

Curriculum Development

A bespoke curriculum has been developed to support participants’ self-identification and increase their peacebuilding capacities. Various stakeholders were involved in the process including consultants with diversified academic background, prospective peacebuilders, and the project team. It was important to take peacebuilders’ into consideration to current identify gaps and missing links in the peacebuilding process, as well […]

Baseline Study

A baseline study is  This study is to be conducted twice in the project’s lifetime to properly estimate the impact of Project PeaceFlix.   The study aims to outline the behaviors, attributes, and engagement levels of identified community peacebuilders. Through this study, we collect inf ormation from identified peacebuilders on the status of their engagement in […]

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