Media Baithak

Role Model Videos

Role model videos are created to highlight the mission, challenges, and successes of female peacebuilders, social activists, and community workers. Their stories of countering violent extremism are shared in their own words. Till 2021, 25 role model videos were produced and out of those, 15 were created during Media Baithak […]

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Digital Publications

30 digital publications including video, blogs, and news articles were created from the participants on subject of countering violent extremism. These publications were the part of deliverables of training “Peace and Peacebuilding through Journalism”. Apart from this publication, a digital campaign with the title “Promoting Leadership & Resilience of Women […]

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Trainings in Media Baithak were designed purposefully for capacity building of media professionals and members of civil society, so with such empowerment they can play their role of bringing peace and harmony in the society. Tr # 1 – Mobile Journalism Training on mobile journalism held in Media Baithak on […]

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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions in Media Baithak were arranged particularly to take experts and senior professional’s point of view on issues related to democratic processes, social justice and accountability, human rights, gender equality, and education in order to draft a policy recommendation for legislative body of Pakistan. As per the given objective, […]

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Dialogues & Performances

Dialogues and performances were a series of open-for-all activities in Media Baithak program held during 28 June 2019 to 26 November 2019 for the purpose of sensitization and awareness towards peace, peacebuilding and elevating tolerance in society. 8 dialogues and performances covered a range of topics from sports, qawwali, poetry […]

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Laughing Our Way To Peace 2

KARACHI: For a night of insight and humour, Shafaat Ali arrived at Media Baithak to a room jam packed with an anticipating audience. Due to being severely under the weather and at the hospital he was regrettably half an hour late, however there was nothing missing in his zeal and […]

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Dialogue and Performance: Peace In Motion

KARACHI: Society is a reflection of film and film is a symptom of society, that is the message that actor and model Sana Fakhar led the conversation with. Pakistan was once a nation that had over a thousand cinemas and going to cinemas was once a favourite pastime in the […]

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