Role model videos are created to highlight the mission, challenges, and successes of female peacebuilders, social activists, and community workers. Their stories of countering violent extremism are shared in their own words. Till 2021, 25 role model videos were produced and out of those, 15 were created during Media Baithak training in 2020/21 and rest of the 10 in Media Baithak training in 2021/22. Separate screening of these videos also took place. First 15 videos were screened in Media Baithak training and rest of the 10 videos were screened in 3 different areas of Karachi including Sachal Goth, Chakiwara, and Ibrahim Hyderi. The female featured in role model videos were selected on certain parameters. For instance, peacebuilder’s intervention and influence in the community, activities performed, the role she is performing as a peacebuilder, most importantly how inspiring her story is.