Baseline Study

A baseline study is  This study is to be conducted twice in the project’s lifetime to properly estimate the impact of Project PeaceFlix.


The study aims to outline the behaviors, attributes, and engagement levels of identified community peacebuilders. Through this study, we collect inf ormation from identified peacebuilders on the status of their engagement in peacebuilding activities in diverse communities is collected throughout Pakistan. This was also necessary to help determine the priority areas (thematic areas) for intervention. Capturing the right information beforehand showswhich aspects of our target population best align to PeaceFLIX project objectives.


We develop three data collection strategie to serve as tools for the study.


Baseline Study Tools

  1. In-depth Survey:

The survey is conducted with a potential peacebuilder from communities across Pakistan. Participants had the option to complete the survey in English or Urdu via a Google Form or digital Word file, a paper-based survey submitted by email, or a file via WhatsApp. 


The survey team coordinated with all survey participants to assist them in understanding and filling out survey form over phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp. The gender and locale of the baseline respondents can be seen here: 

1.      Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

This qualitative approach was used to gain an in-depth understanding of each identified community peacebuilder. The method aims to obtain data from a purposely selected group of peacebuilders with diversified backgrounds and experiences. Two groups of 11 peacebuilders each were formed using a random sampling method to form the online FGDs.


These discussions allowed a deeper understanding of peacebuilders’ views, ideas, and experiences of peacebuilding in Pakistan. The participants shared their own definitions for peace and peacebuilding and discussed the challenges they face in everyday peacebuilding activities and their visions for being part of this program.


2.      Key Informant Interviews (KII)

Qualitative in-depth interviews were held with peacebuilders with sufficient knowledge of their community. The purpose of KIIs was to collect information from a wide range of people—including community leaders, professionals, and residents—who have first-hand knowledge about their community and peacebuilding engagements. These community experts, with their knowledge and understanding, provided insight on the nature of problems and give recommendations for solutions.


KII tools and guidelines were discussed and finalized between project and survey team in November 2021. Using a random sampling method, ten participants were identified to partake in the KII. This data extracted here helped the project team understand the community peacebuilding landscape and women’s role in it, as well as what capacity development support is needed to support peacebuilders’ work and peacebuilding more broadly. To date, the baseline activities have helped us finalize 96 participants from across Pakistan, divided into two cohorts of 48 each, with a gender- breakdown as follows:

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