Digital Broadcast

GNMI produced digital content for the Adal platform as a part of the asynchronous side of the content. 08 role model videos, a series of 26 podcasts (Adal Talks) and 12 subject explainers by subject experts, 3-course illustration videos, and 4 webinars were produced by GNMI (inspirational personalities from training or criminal justice system overall) […]

Community of Practice

An online community of practice was also established consisting of criminal justice training alumni for sharing best practices in form of a forum at the Adal virtual training resource center and on WhatsApp groups where the recommendations were provided by the trainees. The forum also provided them with the opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners […]


GNMI actively coordinated with GOP partners for the onboarding of criminal justice institutions, enrollment of Leahy vetted officials nominated by them, locking schedules for training dates, and facilitation in training venue/medium provision. A total of 360 (180 females, 180 males) officials were trained during the course these training. The purpose of this activity was to […]

Learning Management System

The purpose of this activity was to complement and facilitate the virtual training courses’ synchronous and asynchronous delivery to criminal justice sector practitioners through the development and provision of a web-based learning management system (oLMS) with integrated Ease of Access standards and bilingual support as well as the institutional monitoring functionality. The oLMS “Adal” is […]

Curriculum Development

3 customized courses including one for both senior and junior cadres with relevant synchronous and asynchronous content were developed to improve the technical, and professional knowledge and skills of participants on the priority subject areas identified by INL; this was achieved through online consultations with GOP partners for identifying content priorities, online consultations with subject […]


Under the ADAL Program, GNMI conducted 5 primary and 43 sub-activities; (1) Development of online course through (a) 8 consultations with INL, GOP partners, and subject experts to establish coordination, course priorities, content design, validation, facilitation and scheduling; (b) 1 gap analysis of existing curricula and 1 need assessment for future additional virtual training courses […]


A total of 5 outstanding digital content were selected for additional advocacy support built-in into their budget for conducting 5 live webinars with 130 participants. The webinars were aired on GNMI’s social media channels on Facebook and these webinars were also made available for continued viewership and extended outreach on YouTube. The purpose of these […]

Call for Pitches

Upon completion of workshops each year, GNMI publishes an open call for pitches for program participants. The call for pitches will communicate thematic areas derived from workshops, required digital content formats, procedures, the process of submission, and a link to the online pitch application form. Team GNMI then reviews and evaluates the pitches and shortlists […]

Capacity Building Training

GNMI organized 22 online workshops and training and sensitized 226 journalists, during the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, representing different geographical regions. GNMI tailored these trainings on authentic news gathering, digital news content creation, digital news media reporting, debunking myths, misconceptions, and disinformation using fact-checking and ethical journalism practices. Methodology of these workshops was a […]

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