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واٹس ایپ پر ایسے پیغامات کیوں فارورڈ نہیں ہوتے؟

تحریم عظیمFeb 14, 2021Originally published in Hum Sub کورونا کی عالمی وبا کو اس دنیا میں آئے ایک سال سے زائد کا عرصہ گزر چکا ہے۔ پچھلے سال اس وقت ہم سب چین کی طرف نظریں جمائے بیٹھے تھے۔ ووہان میں ایک قیامت برپا تھی۔ ایک طرف کورونا تھا تو […]

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Pakistan: Reporting in a Pandemic

By Tehreem AzeemDecember 11, 2020Originally published in The Diplomat Disinformation has been growing since the outbreak of COVID-19 last December in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Social media users – including world leaders such as Donald Trump – shared false information about the virus, intensifying an already dire “infodemic.” […]

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GNMI Hosts A Webinar On Remote Reporting, Journalist Safety, And The Threats Of Disinformation In The Light Of COVID-19 And Polio

Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovations (GNMI) organized a webinar titled ‘Remote Reporting, Journalist Safety, and the Threats of Disinformation in the Light of COVID-19 and Polio’ on Thursday February 4, 2021 on its official Facebook page. News anchor Faisal Karim hosted the webinar. He started the Facebook live with a warm welcome […]

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