4th May, 2019 – Karachi – Global Neighborhood for Media Innovation (GNMI), keeping its legacy, again become the supporting hand of women by organizing an interactive seminar on Employment Gap and the Rise of Working Mothers. To support this one of its own kind of idea, several accredited and well recognized women from different walks of life honored the seminar – Jahan Ara Hai (Senior Actor), Shehnaz Ramzi (Event Manager), Abida Hassan (Health Care Manager), Syeda Rafia Mamujee (Dress Designer) and Gul-e-rana (Actress). To appreciate the efforts of GNMI Mr. Stephen Valen Cultural attaché, at US Consulate Karachi were also presented at the seminar.

The seminar moderation was done by famous broadcast Journalist, and a successful working mother Najia Ashar “ The mother of today is not only working for the economic support of the family but they don’t want to sit at home, they want to earn respected identity” This statement of Najia lead the most productive seminar ever.

“We only can help or support working mother if we bifurcate them in the categories; housekeeping staff mothers, professionals mothers i.e. doctors, engineers and lawyers, educated mother who stared working after marriage, and well-off mothers working to be productive in free time, each category has its own psychological needs, cultural background and economical needs, but one thing is common; passion to nurture their kids with quality education for their promising future” said veteran actor Jahan-Ara- Hai.

“Gone are the days when working mothers used to avoid big corporation as their working choice, because of harassment or acceptability issues. Now, mothers have goal for their families and for themselves too, which have made them more stronger than ever” said Syeda Rafia Mamujee (Dress Designer)

We must not be in competition with men, this is very wrong trend, both genders have their own responsibilities and we need to fulfill them first, but we should notice that children of working mothers are more disciplined, are better at time management and can cater to multiple tasks in a more disciplined way” both, iconic actor Gul-e-Rana and Shahnaz Ramzi (CEO Starlinks PR) shared their mutual point of views.

All the admirable speakers emphasized on workspaces being safe for working mother to work, and they as women, need to support each other in households and work places to be able to grow together. Panelists further emphasized on establishing in-house day-care centers at workplaces to facilitate young mothers. At the end of the seminar GNMI gave token of appreciation to all strong working mothers presented at seminar as panelist.

Cultural attaché from US consulate Mr. Stephen Valen highly appreciated Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation’s efforts to organize the discussion on Gender Employment Gaps and highlighting women’s participation and how they are striving to become better and achieve more in Pakistan.