Credibility, Risk and the legislative Significance of #MeToo in Pakistan

12 April, 2019 – Karachi – Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation (GNMI) became the voice of many women out there by highlighting the credibility, risk and legislative significance of #MeToo movement in Pakistan. Women from all walks of life were present at #Metoo seminar to share their views. This social justice and gender equality seminar was honored by many active media and civil society personalities –Senior Politician and MPA Sindh Assembly Ms. Nustrat Sehar Abbasi, Iconic Actress and Director Ms. Sahira Kazmi, Executive Director  of Uks Research Center Ms. Tasneem Ahmer, Women Activist Ms. Uzma Alkarim, Film Actress Ms. Sana Fakhar, Motivational Speaker and Singer Ms. Ayesha Adil, Women Activist and Lawyer Ms. Amna Dawood, Senior Journalist Mr. Masood Raza, Senior journalist and editor in chief Live Magazine Ms. Qurat ul ain Iqrar, Serior Anchor Person Mr. Mubashir Hashmi and Mr. Stephen Valen Public affairs office, at US Consulate Karachi. 

“The only reason behind the harassment of the girls of my society is the lack of education, not the formal education but awareness, parents and family members must give the awareness to their daughters about their rights and the steps to be taken in such case” said Ms. Sahira Kazmi famous actress and director. 

“I take my both sons on the shoot to show them how hard earn money their mother is earning, and how in dignified manner she is handling both her home and profession, because i want my sons to respect their mother profession and they must respect every working women in their lives” Film Actress Sana Fakar shared her life strategy. 

All the distinguished speakers emphasized on immediate implementation of laws made for harassment at workplace, and further legislation on many unspoken harassment aspects,  most of the guests gave their life examples on harassment and how did they handle it. More than 20 top-notch celebrities and civil society members gathered to raise the voice against harassment and to cherish the efforts of working women.  At  this day when women of diversified sector showed the unity for empowering #MeToo movement in Pakistan, GNMI made their commitment memorable by giving token of appreciation in support of other women.

 “Being working journalist, I have seen many cases of harassment and despite having laws for work-place harassment nothing has been changed. We must support each other, we must understand each other more honestly and that is why I am committed to provide platform like this to bridge the gap between media and civil society to raise voice.” said Najia Ashar, the founding president GNMI.

Presence of Pak-US Alumni Network (PUAN) Karachi, at this remarkable day was really encouraging, this helping hand network has been supporting different civil society capacities for more than 60 years, Mr. Stephen Valen represented US Counsel General and appreciated the efforts done by women in Pakistan and acknowledged GNMI idea; to highlight unspoken social issues in Pakistan.

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